Our Indigenous Politics program trains students to think politically, to read fields of power, and to build skills that will allow them to engage the world around them.

About Us

Indigenous Politics is housed in a cutting-edge Political Science department that especially attends to its place in Hawai‘i and the regions of Oceania and Asia.

The Program

We offer courses at the BA, MA and PhD level, with a formal specialization option for students accepted into the MA or PhD.

The People

With four core faculty members, a strong and interdisciplinary group of affiliate faculty and stellar graduate students, UHIP is a dynamic learning community.



We center the category of indigeneity in critical investigations of power.



We offer comparative study of Indigenous histories, cultures and politics, grounded in the cultural and geographical specificity of Hawaiʻi nei.



We encourage the study and practice of Indigenous political concepts, ethics and systems.

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We engage in scholarship that matters to Indigenous communities.