The Hawaiian legacy of using highly-refined printing techniques to tell stories is signified by the ʻohe kāpala. UHIP trains students to write and to find their own unique, scholarly voice that is informed by rigorous research and attention to aesthetics. This element of our logo also resembles the ihe (spear), as UHIP equips students to work productively with Indigenous communities laboring for justice and collective well-being.

Illustration by Carl Pao, Kanaka ʻŌiwi Artist

Illustration by Carl Pao, Kanaka ʻŌiwi Artist

BA Students

Undergraduates in any major or specialization can benefit from courses in Indigenous and Hawaiian politics.

MA Students

MA students can take a few courses or earn a formal specialization in Indigenous Politics.

PhD Students

PhD students have the benefit of a wide range of courses and faculty members to support their own original dissertation projects.


A listing of the MA theses and PhD dissertations that our graduate students have produced.

Funding Information

Information on potential funding opportunities for graduate students.